W.E. Brown

W.E. Brown came to nectar from a client referral—we love those! Although content working with their Florida agency, W.E. Brown was curious to see what working with a local advertising agency might offer. Because of our close proximity to W.E. Brown and our own connection with Charlottesville, we’ve been able to (with W.E. Brown’s help) create a brand that communicates the value of their almost 100-year history in Charlottesville and the surrounding counties.

Positioning / Branding

We wanted to celebrate the legacy of W.E. Brown by keeping the company’s founder, Willie Brown, part of the brand identity. A stylized caricature of Willie sporting his circa 1922 Fedora anchors our retro-hip seal. The logo honors W.E. Brown’s almost 100-year history of quality and service—a brand truth no other home-service company can claim.

W.E. Brown Logo Redesign
W.E. Brown Truck Design

Social Media

In order to build and develop brand awareness, generate leads, and drive website traffic , we create strategy-based monthly content calendars for platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. We use video, photo, and text to cover three primary angles: personal interest, informative (positioning W.E. Brown as industry experts), and promotion-based posts. While our content is fresh and diverse, we remain consistent in both tone and aesthetic. To reach our established audience, we design targeted social campaigns and track our metrics for future improvement.

W.E. Brown Social Calendar - Week 2
W.E. Brown Social Calendar - Week 3


The W.E. Brown website reinforces the company’s tagline; “Create a world of comfort in your home.” The architecture is inviting, minimal—not overwhelming. And from the authentic photography to the scheduler inter face, we’ve taken every opportunity to tailor design and function around making sure the W.E. Brown customer feels engaged and well, completely comfortable.

W.E. Brown Web Design - Desktop
W. E. Brown Website - Scheduling


To humanize our brand, we identify and portray ourselves as artists, adventurers, scientists, and comfort seekers—all within the comfort of our own homes. Our brand promise is that we help you create and maintain a world of efficiency in your home so that you can continue to be the adventurer that you are; comfortably.

W.E. Brown Print & Digital Advertising


We leveraged print medium including bi-yearly newsletters, ads, stickers, and labels to extend the brand. Our branded stickers (like easter eggs) are placed on the equipment inside our customer’s homes to keep the brand alive in every nook and cranny. Stickers are also left behind after a service call because we know that they will get stuck in the darndest places.

W.E. Brown Branded Stickers
W.E. Brown Business Cards
W.E. Brown Stationery
W.E. Brown Card
W.E. Brown Newsletter
W.E. Brown Correspondence Suite