From Zero to Global in Seven Months

It was a delightful challenge taking the startup team, RIVANNA, their company brand, and medical-device marketing from zero to global in seven months.

RIVANNA (picture the Silicon Valley team from the HBO series) was simultaneously launching a brand-new medical device, the Accuro. So our challenge was two-fold: Design a brand logo that was ready to walk in the world of medical-device giants, and a product logo scalable to support a growing product line. nectar started by taking a look at RIVANNA’S competition. Simple, right? But the brands that we started researching are all legendary and a little intimidating. But when you work closely with a client-partner like RIVANNA and learn the truth about the brand—if the brand has a truth—the work reminds us why we’re in this business.

RIVANNA Medical Device Engineering

* The engineering was all about the user: the ease of use, the quick learning curve, the lightweight and untethered nature of the device—like a dog without a leash!—and the device user interface design.



The letter R in the company name resembles a scope which illustrates the company’s mission: Guiding Advancements in Ultrasound. The colors are a tribute to the founder’s alma mater. The product brand, Accuro, is simple and reinforces the attributes of the company logo. We built the brand with logo families in mind. The look is as strong as an established 50-year-old logo—yet it is current and scalable.

RIVANNA Medical Logo
RIVANNA Medical Logo


The new brand design needed to extend into packaging. Even with a low budget to start, we had to think brand experience. The sleek design begged for a proper presentation. These things (even when your startup dollars are spread thin) are important. Let’s do it right.

business card rivanna branding
Accuro Box
RIVANNA Packaging Box

UI Design

The RIVANNA team didn’t stop there. Because the Accuro was engineered specifically to be a user-friendly device, in addition to being lightweight, untethered, handheld, and intuitive to use, they wanted to interface to be obvious and well designed. We collaborated on creating a clean, contemporary interface that definitely makes Accuro stand way out against other medical-device interface design.

Rivanna medical design UI


The website represents a great collaboration between client, writer, designer, programmer, videographer, and motion designer. Yep. We all worked in great parallel. On this website, you’ll see how Accuro works, meet RIVANNA, see a testimonial, and find a user demonstration to list a few pieces of content.

RIVANNA Web Design


Rolling the Accuro out to the target market has taught us (quickly) how to approach our anesthesiologists. Because Accuro’s innovative technology was designed to save time with challenging patient anatomy and high BMI by rapidly identifying spinal midline and epidural location, our campaign uses a series of very difficult animal anatomies to exaggerate the point; and to have something stand out in a sea of medical-devices at trade shows and in trade publications.

riven campaign creative giraffe

RIVANNA walked away from their first post-product launch trade show with on-the-spot sales, hundreds of qualified leads, and now have distribution in the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; partnerships with Vertec Scientific; grants from the National Institutes of Health; and additional capital in growth financing. Sales, the sales force, investors, and distributors are growing. Next step, LEGENDARY.


RIVANNA Web Design

The Rivanna tradeshow needed a dynamic and contemporary way to showcase their emerging technology. nectar responded by creating a 3D motion design piece that was far more art than function. The loop was designed to entice people from across the room, support  RIVANNA’s progressive brand aesthetic, and showcase the Accuro in a variety of fantastical 3D landscapes. On a massive screen at the ASA tradeshow in LA, this piece, combined with our interactive iPad application, generated some buzz (and some leads).

Additionally, a variety of 3D content and animation to support how the Accuro actually works, has been generated for web, large format print, interactive iPad applications, and other uses.

nectar is currently working on a documentary on the RIVANNA team about the inventors and translational research. Our documentary will introduce a new RIVANNA webinar series created to discuss how they turned fundamental research into an idea, an applicable technology, and global distribution.

How did RIVANNA break into the land of giants with Accuro?  We’ll take you from from pig (or deer) parts, toaster-oven wires, and sleepless nights in the attic to multiple patents pending. Fueled by the desire to improve anesthesia experiences and efficiency, enhancing patient satisfaction, and the overall quality of medical care across the globe, RIVANNA relentlessly refined their prototype ultrasound technology, determined to achieve unprecedented clinical results.

RIVANNA Video Interview Production Shoot


The positioning statement is a working collaborative document between RIVANNA and nectar. As they learn more about their target market, so do we!

Positioning Statement

Accuro, by RIVANNA, uses ultrasound unconventionally to address the last frontier of image guidance in anesthesia. RIVANNA’s revolutionary application of automated 3D navigation technology to ultrasound imaging of the spine gives you an intuitive extension of your hands to precisely administer epidural and spinal anesthesia. For anesthesia providers, Accuro’s innovative technology was designed to save you time with challenging patient anatomy by rapidly identifying spinal midline, epidural depth, and trajectory. Certainty can be effortless with Accuro.