Nectar Process

You’re the central part of our integrated process, right here in Charlottesville. We lay the foundation of any new campaign or endeavor with strategy and research—understanding you, your target audience, the project parameters, and business objectives we are aiming to accomplish. To do this, we ask a lot of questions. We talk to people, conduct surveys, and hold (filmed) focus groups. We probe and question (like five-year olds) to get to the truth and uncover those gems—the ideas hiding in plain sight. Then we help cultivate an authentic message into a voice that creates an emotional experience for your customer and spurs them toward the kind of action we are asking them to take. We take a strategic, story-driven approach to creating pure content that’s 100-percent relevant, tempting, and share-worthy.

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Strategy and Research

Players: Project manager and creative director

Who do you think you are? (And why it matters.) You don’t control the position your brand occupies—your customers do. But you can influence it. And the place you have to start is with your brand (or campaign) positioning statement. A positioning statement identifies your target market and paints a picture of how you want your target market to perceive your brand. While the customer ultimately decides where your brand will be positioned, you can change that perception by deciding which market space you have the best opportunity of owning—and/or defending—based on your singular truth, the relevance, and strength of your brand.


Project Management

Players: Project manager and creative director

Our national level, creative PMs are the experience and backbone of the agency. Switching from right brain to left, it is both their nature and their passion to keep us all on track with client initiatives and goals. Even though we approach projects from a place of collaboration, we still need a point of contact or hub; in other words, a ringleader to keep the project and team rallied and moving forward. PMs (and all others) can wear many hats at nectar. PMs schedule kick-off meetings, help with critical paths, schedule and run status and production meetings, strategize on initiatives, communicate project goals and logistics to core team members, open jobs, create project estimates, create project schedules, handle day-to-day communications between you and your creative team, work with third-party vendors, and assist with photo shoot scheduling. They copywrite, edit, and brainstorm. PMs are also responsible for managing media buys and plans, compiling, and analyzing metrics in order to guide future strategic plans.


Exploration and Concept

Players: The entire agency including clients are involved in this step. It’s announced as a creative opportunity, mandatory for people on the team and optional for others.

The Creative Process: Probably the only piece that is not technically a process at all. Because, this piece never ever stops. Nope. Not even at the start of implementation. This is the heart, the part inside creative-types that keeps us searching even when the campaign is over. The piece we cannot, will not charge for. The piece that makes us (and you—we know you do it) concept in the shower or wake up at midnight with an idea worth getting out of bed, stubbing a toe, to write down. This is the agency’s living breathing core—of which we all can contribute to. Everyone connected to it feels, and gets inspired by, its life, and energy. We call it the nectar. And it’s all encompassing. Its genuine, sensitive, and giving; once you ignite creative on this level, creativity flows from everyone involved. That is why we say to you, ‘jump in the nectar.’

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Storytelling & Copywriting

Players: Creative director, videographer, web designer, programmer and project manager

Here to help with compelling web content, ad campaigns, share-worthy press releases, engaging social media posts, or a quirky on-hold message, is the storyteller; a word and punctuation lover. A creative so willingly entangled in words, they’re able to take the reader from the sounds of bright-feathered birds heckling in the moist, sticky, swelter of a jungle, to the empty white static void that can carry your foggy breath to the ocean—on words. And you must understand that this word warrior cannot take a step or conjure a single vision without you. You exhale. We inhale!


Design & Implementation

Players: Creative director, art director, videographer, web designer, and programmer

At this phase we deliberate the concept details, ensuring that every deliverable works to further our collective project goals. We’re fans of creating shared style boards and getting our cyber-heads together at the beginning of a campaign for multiple input channels, suggestions, and multiple opportunities to let the design evolve. Much like concept exploration, design loves to take on a life of its own. We research what is trending, what is appropriate, what is classic, and together, we determine what is right for you. Sometimes this takes your leap of faith. (We love it when this happens.) With approved concepts, we work with you on imagery, copy points, and the facts we need to finalize our content. This is a multi-step process of approval (up to three rounds is typical) and we also employ proofreaders to ensure quality throughout the process. As a group of experienced designers, videographers, and programmers, you can be sure we put our eagle eyes on every element of a project through every step of the process.


Social & Digital Media

Players: Art director, videographer, web designer, and programmer

Tempting content generation begins after our group discovery meeting, brand audit, analysis of past communication struggles, and study of key competitors. Together, we’ll uncover your goals, targets, and, in order to properly measure ROI, a clear statement that outlines what success looks like for you. Your brand’s success depends on the delicate touch of relevant content, stories, and ideas your audience loves so much they will distribute it for you. nectar doesn’t leave the gate without taking a strategic, story-driven approach, creating authentic content that’s 100-percent relevant. We distribute content through both traditional and digital multiple-media channels (TV, radio, and social media outlets), including but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin, and YouTube.

Your most successful, cost-effective content moves from user to user. In our world, content is only as strategic as it is share-worthy. nectar measures your success by the reuse and social sharing metrics of your content. That’s why we provide unique, story-driven, and lead-generating content that will be widely shared and syndicated across multiple channels.

Together we build your ECOSYSTEM. Your content needs a diverse ecosystem to thrive. That’s why we build and carefully assess your unique multi-channel media, including paid, owned, and earned options. We evaluate each one of your digital marketing options by when and how visitors engage with your content. We can grab the geolocation data, repeat browsing habits, message open rates, and see how users navigate through your site. By tracking your investments by channel, we sharpen our strategic investment of your marketing dollars. nectar is here to support your social media efforts in any way we can. We create a social strategy and content calendars to help with client approval and implementation. Content calendars offer both a month’s preview and a platform for brainstorming ideas, engagements, events, and more, ahead of time. We work with the client and then lay posts out (in calendar form) with copy, links, images, and any other resources for approval and this is followed by implementation. We typically create our social content calendars on a monthly basis, but always remain flexible for last minute and real-time opportunities.


Video, Animation, & Tech

Players: Creative director, videographer, web designer, and programmer

Experiential. Immediate. Real time. Immersion. The ability to experience a story, not just hear it. The difference between reading a written passage of colorful prose and the feeling of standing on a breathtaking vista. The impact of watching a static, sleeping structure burst to life in a choreographed performance.

Providing a meaningful experience—more than just an impersonal narrative—is on the forefront of nectar’s technological research and art initiatives. Cinematic video production, immersive 360 degree video, aerial drone videography, projection mapping, as well as Virtual Reality development in Unity for tradeshows, real estate and other experiential applications round out the suite of video and tech available in-house at nectar.


Search Engine Optimization

Players: Programmer, project manager, web designer, SEO guru

Did we mention that we’re geeks? Battling with our SEO guru over how to seamlessly and cleverly blend his keyword phrases into our website copy and design should prove how we can geek out over the smallest, most intricate piece of the process. It is the marriage of function and design living and working together that helps nectar create beautiful digital work with a draw, a sticky hook. Seriously good, quality content is the key to powerful SEO. And it’s not enough to do it once! Our SEO is one of the more integrated, involved, and ongoing steps in our process. The success (or huge success) of SEO and implementation rests with you. We work with you on the items that are your responsibility—your inbound links, social media opportunities, and (cornerstone) blog content that all contribute to your overall online authority. It is our intention to do quarterly analysis and course correct SEO and anything effected by it. This is not a once and done endeavor. Sites updated more frequently and with better keywords rank higher in search engines. It’s part of our quality control.


Web Development

Players: Creative director, art director, videographer, SEO guru, web designer, and programmer

Integrated web development is another key component of nectar. Always part of any meeting, programmers interpret what function you’re looking for and how to get there beautifully. We’re ready for any web design or redesign you may need as well as web development, updates and maintenance, landing page, modern email, and e-newsletter creation. We all wear many hats throughout the creative process, which cuts down on the number of hand-offs between conception to completion. The magic is our ability to translate design seamlessly into digital. Additionally (and part of quality control), project management, copywriting, SEO, and programming work together to ensure efficient and proper translation from idea, to copy, to searchable online material. The collaboration is optimal.

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Quality Control

Players: Creative director, art directors, videographer, web designer, programmer, printer, SEO guru, and client

We’re a tight organization with a flat architecture. A project lives within reach and the eyes of every nectarine—guided along by project management and ASANA (trafficking software). Strong collaboration internally keeps projects moving effortlessly from concept to final output. Input from our programmer during the copy phase ensures work is easily translatable for different marketing channels. Guidance from our SEO guru makes sure our programmer and copywriter are using the right search words. There are no vacuums at nectar.

We continue to manage our projects after they leave our door. Working closely with all vendors to see that our projects meet a high standard of excellence ensures quality control through the printing process or distribution online. We watch to make sure deliverables print, push, or play with their intended integrity. With tech-savvy videographers, designers, and programmers in house, we’re knowledgeable of production requirements for each respective distribution channel. We outsource proofreading (for that FRESH EYEBALL) routinely.


Outcome Evaluation

Players: Project manager and client

nectar wants to know that not only did we create beautiful, relevant marketing and advertising for our clients, but that it is effective. We diligently track media metrics month to month to monitor which ads and publications are performing best. We analyze reports that we compile in order to make smart strategic recommendations for our clients and our ongoing efforts. This is the script that directs the sequential next steps. We also track our time so that we can make sure we’ve allocated the proper amount to all of our jobs. If we see a project going over budget, we make you well aware, beforehand. And we can be most efficient with pushing (sharing) resizes or similar material to different media channels. We deliver the optimum. And we measure it.