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An octopus logo? What else would it be. The level of service NWG Solutions delivers in the information technology market is foreign to anything in this area. We took a look at the core attribute defining what NWG Solutions promises to deliver: Intelligent, unwavering client-connectivity is what makes their team truly atypical. And we took this client-connectivity promise seriously.

Initially, NWG Solutions and nectar met at their request to produce new advertising collateral. After designing a few pieces with their old logo it was clear to everyone that there was a disconnect. And so we backed up and had discovery meetings to come to a new company positioning.

NWG Branding Logo Design

The octopus (or kraken as we’ve come to call her) logo rationale is simple:

Start with alien-like intelligence. Enter the octopus, an eight-armed dexterous and almost alien-like intelligent cephalopod. It is among the most behaviorally diverse and brilliant of all invertebrates. The whip-smart, unfurling arms can actually problem-solve and react to stimuli while the body is doing something completely different. And the sophisticated, organized suckers lining the arms are the connection: They can feel, move, grip, taste, form a seal, and manipulate…basically act alone. Welcome to the connection! The octopus is a masterfully creative icon for this intelligent, fluid, and responsive IT service provider.

NWG Logo Variations



Positioning Statement

Your livelihood depends on your business. And in this shifting sea of ordinary IT service providers, who or what can your business truly rely on? What if you could discover acuity incarnate? It would look like our team of exceptionals, and possess the nimbleness and ingenuity of an eight-armed, dexterous and almost alien-like intelligence. Welcome to the strength and security of NWG SOLUTIONS. Masterfully clever—this robust, responsive and fluid computer IT service is foreign to anything you’ve known. Possessing complex problem-solving skills, this collective containing more training, knowledge and certifications than any other local IT provider also moves with rapid response times offering unflagging remote monitoring and access. It is a momentous day for IT. Raise your expectations to NWG SOLUTIONS.


For the kraken, we wanted an approachable, yet commanding icon since the logo represents a company that routinely delivers profoundly dependable IT. The arms all connect to one central hub—similar to the way network systems work. And we emphasized the suckers on the bottom of the tentacles to subtly reinforce connectivity. If you dig any deeper about the suckers on an octopus, the complexity of ability will blow your mind. It does mine every time I read about them.

NWG Pocket Folder
NWG Business Cards Logo Design
NWG Holiday Card


NWG has a Managed Service product—a nonstop remote monitoring system. It provides close, constant attention to every piece of hardware and software a business would need. Our list of objectives for the website included making it easy for a visitor to understand the suite of services NWG has to offer while introducing the team of exceptionals as approachable.

NWG Responsive Web Development
NWG solutions UI icon design


More tactical and singular, the TV spots for 2016 (as well as the digital media campaign) exaggerated how NWG can save you from yourself! We enjoyed the creative opportunity to propose over-the-top ideas for the broadcast commercials set to air early in 2016. The first version NWG chose featured a modern day criminal—a hacker in his elaborate, underground lair. In addition to the spots edited for :30’s and :60’s, nectar produced a T-shirt and poster featuring the sinister hacker. This both created a buzz and synergy, internally and externally, as the NWG team could wear the T-shirts on IT calls.

The concept for the second TV spot has set the stage for a series we plan to continue well into 2017. It has legs—well, tentacle—to use for years. We feature just the kraken tentacle lashing out of a computer to wallop a surprised business owner.

When we pitched our idea for the tentacle we knew that in order to really sell the slap, we needed an authentic, physical prop. We love classic horror films and grew up watching special features to see how our favorite creatures were brought to life, so this was a dream come true in many ways. We drew up a design that fit over the arm, with a color palette that supported NWG’s logo, and hooked up with an experienced Hollywood FX designer based out of Detroit to sculpt, mold, and paint the prop. The process was long and at times painstaking, but in the end the prop was delivered and provided the perfect touch of slimy grotesque to the spot’s dry humor and achieved a level of tactile impact that would have been unachievable with computer generated graphics. Please ask how we create the slim. We are happy to send the recipe or a batch of slime we’ve made.

For more on our fascination with tentacles and monster, see our blog post, “Practical Horror.”


NWG Merchandise Hat
NWG Merchandise T-Shirt
NWG Hacker T-Shirt Merchandise
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