Craig Builders

We love a great story. And Craig Builders came to us with an opportunity to write one, or at least in the case of our campaign headline, just suggest one. Another client referral, Craig Builders was looking for an agency to help bring all of their marketing media under one roof. We took a few steps back, did some research, and produced a website, ad campaign, social media strategy, and more — under one cohesive brand message and look. The story continues…


Choice Is A Valued Hallmark. Because the customer has the opportunity to put their mark on each home our team created a brand and campaign around the idea that “Home Is Where Your Story Begins…”

Craig Builders logo refresh


Large images and minimal design set this look apart from a typical homebuilder’s website. The font selection has a storytelling yet contemporary vibe. The overall aesthetic quietly supports large photography grids to give the product center stage highlighting the homebuilder’s craft.

CraigBuilders web design - desktop


We wanted to suggest a story with a series of life moments in front of an expansive bank of windows—one of Craig Builders’ architectural signatures. Each image is perfectly styled to suggest a fairytale beginning.

Home is Where Your Story Begins - Hot Air Balloons
Home is Where Your Story Begins - Engagement
Home is Where Your Story Begins - Telescope


Every customer wants a physical folder with home plan details, customization options, and floor plans. It was our intention to design a piece as inspiring as the idea of building a new Craig Builder home. Our brochure opens like a portfolio and closes with a diamond tab reinforcing components of the logo.

Folder Exterior
Folder Interior