About Nectar

We are not a commodity. The combined experience, knowledge, and exploration of future-tech keeps us from being that. And we thank Google, the great creative director in the cloud, for the continual nudging. Google’s insistence for seriously great content and changing algorithms is keeping us honest. Requirements for high search rankings keep evolving from keywords to phrases, to Google interpreting the semantics of said keyword phrases, and cornerstone content. nectar creates authentically-, passionately-, emotionally-relevant content and can push it via 360 video, clever digital ads inline with strategic social campaigns. We don’t pour our content from a can. As Google gets smarter—we are all pushed to work harder, together.

nectar celebrates that a positive work environment equals productive (long-term) client-partner relationships. Equal with creative—our drive is keeping the team (which includes you) 100-percent satisfied with our service. No, we’re not a commodity. But, we are definitely at your service.

Our decades (and decades) of industry experience make ours an accomplished group. Many of our senior staff moved to Charlottesville after working in large ad agencies in major metropolitan areas. So not only years of agency experience—but years of working on national and international accounts like Boeing, Proctor & Gamble, SC Johnson, Illinois State Tourism, Altria, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Mercedes, Michigan Tourism, and Travel Channel.

Integrated Services Strategy PR Marketing
Integrated Services Video Projection Broadcast Production

Integrated Services

Before you can generate metrics or data, before you can measure and improve, you need to entice customers with something sweet. You need entertaining, informative, relevant, and story-driven content. The source of this nectar is the origin of our success, the place we begin, the most important piece of this endeavor: it is your story.

Learn more about our approach and process.


Print & Traditional Media

Branding, Graphic Design, Collateral, Infographics, Annual Reports

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Digital Marketing, Content Generation, Social Media, PR, Ad Creation & Placement

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Web & Digital

Web Design, WordPress Development, SEO, Responsive Design, Email Templates, Digital Ads

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Videography & Motion Design

Shooting and Editing, Aerial Videography, Original Scoring, 360° Video

Our motion design skills reach around the world to Belgium, Italy, Toronto and domestic to design and produce national broadcast work for a variety of shows opens, TV networks, and agencies.

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Future Tech

How nectar Creates Instead of Spectates

nectar is a diverse group of people with diverse skills and passions that we love to foster. Our creative process begins with individuality, our pursuits and our personal endeavors. So much of what we do begins with an idea and experimentation that we have created a place to house it, show it off, and chronicle it.

Topics include Virtual Reality, Midi/OSC based interactive art installations, writing, photography, cooking and so much more.  

We have even dedicated our 2nd floor mezzanine in downtown Charlottesville to this initiative, outfitting it with comfort, tech, and anything else we might need to create.


Mediums for messaging and storytelling have changed and evolved over the years with a never ending variety of processes in play. Technology has come to play a huge role in our daily lives, communication methods, and overall experience. In this field, nectar’s goal is to lead instead of follow. We actively seek out opportunities with experimental and unproven technologies that allow us to create and discover something new, rather than to just spectate and re-create the same expected work as everyone else.

There is a constant undercurrent of tech and R&D at nectar. We’ve been the first in the area to adopt new technologies, which has given us an edge in the areas of aerial cinematography, 360 video, virtual reality, and projection mapping.


nectar adopted drones over 1.5 years ago, and it’s elevated the quality and originality of our video production, from real estate to broadcast to music videos.. We have our very own in-house pilot, fully certified with the FAA (you can read more about his experience with studying for and passing the test here on our blog), and a number of drone toys and cameras at our disposal.

360° Video

360° degree video is a type of videography that allows you to capture not just one point of view with a camera, but an entire 360 degree environment simultaneously. Being able to relive an event and experience from many different vantage points and storylines is the difference between being told a story and truly experiencing a story. The opportunity for immersion and exploration is immense.

Virtual Reality

With the addition of a room scale VR studio at nectar, we are developing content in Unity for immersive applications like tradeshow product demo’s, amazing real estate walkthroughs from basic CAD files, as well asl art and technology education initiatives.

The creative potential in VR is unparalleled and we plan to expose and educate as many as possible on this technology and how it will impact us in the future.

Please reach out if you would like to stop by and talk VR!

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping, video mapping, or spatial augmented reality, simplified, is turning objects (like buildings, walls or ceilings) into a display surface for (video) projection. It’s one of the ways that we are experimenting with using new processes and tech in creative and artistic exploration.

To see an example of projection mapping, visit FlowLab.


The nectar team here in Charlottesville is versatile by design. We can tag-team some tasks and we work in shared parallel all to maintain stamina, connection, and flow. Drop in and talk to any one of us—programmer, videographer, storyteller, art director, project manager—at any time. We mean it. We encourage client visits to review work-in-progress in real time on the computer screen. This keeps us working toward the same goals.  

Work with one of us and you’re working with all of us. Our efficiencies are in several areas including scheduled, objective-driven meetings, continuous, open dialogue with you, and we write copy openly with you. We work together to leverage assets across multiple outlets: print ads, digital ads, and dedicated landing pages. Ideas and assets are shared—an orchestrated harmony—so we can move fluently forward, always sharing assets for best economy. This is especially important regarding real-time social media opportunities, we can be anywhere within a moments notice to capture media-worthy content for you.


Creative Crowd Sourcerer

From Luke Sullivan: “Don’t take the company tour.”

Vicki’s versatile, with a passion for illustration and typography—plus an obsession for authentic creative—evident in the materials on which she collaborates and produces.

After working as Associate Creative Director with BBDO Detroit where she concepted and art-directed international advertising campaigns, as well as 360-degree promotional projects, and seven years with Payne, Ross and Associates in Charlottesville—Vicki is committing her 20-plus years of experience to nectar and the integrated creative model. Her experience includes TV, print, identity, strategy, and web design. Vicki has a history in diverse industry sectors, including tourism, healthcare, education, the arts, automotive, entertainment, and retail.

Rivanna Medical, NWG IT Solutions, Charlottesville Orthopaedic Center, Monticello Community Surgery Center, 2RW, Bank of the James, Charlottesville Free Clinic, Nest Realty, Rede Wealth, Southern Development Homes

PAST: Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau, Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge, Mercedes Financial, Levitt & Sons, The Palm Beach Kennel Club, Boys & Girls Club, Forgotten Harvest, Ocean Properties, Tenet South Florida Health System, The Harriet Himmel Theater, DMG World Media



Constantly evaluating tasks/priorities while working on them and adjusting focus accordingly.

Loud, intense, driving music.

Jeff is a visual artist and motion designer that constantly explores the relationship between story, message, medium, and art – specifically embracing technology and looking for ways to expand and evolve the creative process via new technologies and processes. Interactive art installations, projection mapping and VR development in Unity are all artistic pursuits that yield value as we discover benefits in new processes.

Previously Creative Director of Ringside Creative in Detroit where he founded and developed their motion design group, Jeff serviced a range of global agencies including Doner, BBDO, McCann Erickson, JWT and Global Hue to name a few. Working for various design firms and post houses in Miami, Jeff focused on network design as a partner in Giant Octopus, and then later as Design Director for VDO. After moving to Virginia, he partnered with DIGICO shoot|post|design, and continued directing design and animation for a variety of clients both domestically and abroad. Jeff has produced projects for clients including television networks (ABC, NBC, Travel Channel, Cinema Emotion Italy), advertising campaigns abroad (Flexus Belgium, CableComm Europe, Radio2 Belgium) and domestic productions (Ford F150, Verizon/Top Gear, Xfinity). Jeff contributes his 15-plus years of experience to further expand nectar’s integrated offerings. Recently Jeff worked with Mondial, RVA on the California Tourism campaign contributing design and animation services.

Jeff’s full portfolio is at zilog80.com.

QNI, Rivanna Medical, Bank of the James, NWG IT Solutions, Sigora Solar, Nest Realty

PAST: ABC, NBC, The Travel Channel, Cinema Emotion Italy, Flexus Belgium, RADIO2 Belgium, Doner, BBDO, McCann Erickson, JWT, GlobalHue, Ringside Creative


Visual Mixologist

Sit and stand. Up and down all day! Door slightly open. Occasionally bring in my Pointer/Hound/Lab mix doggie.

Choose your battles. Steal and conceal. Stay flexible.

Diana’s skill is in taking a complicated set of information and making it succinct, visually compelling, and on brand.

With 20+ years of art direction pre-nectar, she’s been lead on multiple business-to-business communications and worldranked university marketing and fundraising campaigns. Her works span trade publication advertising, packaging, and exhibits, not to mention a breadth of focus on type critique, logo work, and color exploration. Diana has even spun new sub-brand identity systems, integrating them through publications, advertising, periodicals, and outdoor advertising. A torchbearer of numerous awards, her pieces have won in medical marketing, overall marketing, identity work, and print.

Nest Realty Magazine, Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA, Charlottesville Free Clinic, The Towns at Stonefield, 2RW, Charlottesville Orthopaedic Center, Growers, Stony Point Design Build, Bramante Homes, Northern Neck Insurance

PAST: Blue Ridge School, Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, Klöckner Pentaplast, Piedmont Council for the Arts, Legal Aid Justice Center of VA, University Symphony Orchestra, University of Virginia Health System, University of Michigan Development Office, Group 243 Advertising Agency, American Chemical Society, Trish Crowe Studios, The Nature Conservancy, National Wildlife Federation


Account Wrangler

Casually, yet organized. For meetings, I pre-send out an agenda as I, as is true with most people, have have an attention span of about an hour and 2-hour meetings prove challenging. Time is precious and the only way you don’t waste it is to set objectives. Someone recently told me about instituting ‘stand up’ meetings…I love the idea.

To stop time. And if I couldn’t do that, I’d like to teleport to satisfy my insatiable travel bug, and I wouldn’t be interested in traveling back in time, I find the future much more fascinating.

Chris can view a project from fifteen thousand feet—then break it down to the granular level, scope it out, and put the pieces on a critical path.

With a passion for all things creative and an uncanny attention to detail, Chris can copywrite, concept, and march a campaign to the finish line. Chris manages client-agency relationships and production. Chris’ previous advertising experience includes close to 20 years in Chicago with Leo Burnett and Draftfcb, and another 10 here locally, project managing website design, web programming, as well as print, digital, outdoor, direct, collateral, and promotional campaigns. With her expertise in all things marketing—and efficient project and team management skills—Chris has an integral role as she keeps us all on schedule and budget, while delivering superior creative.

RIVANNA Medical, NWG IT Solutions, Belvedere Neighborhood, Bank of the James, Charlottesville Orthopaedic Center, Monticello Community Surgery Center, Rede Wealth, Charlottesville Free Clinic, Piedmont Financial, and Stuart Levine & Associates

PAST: Charlottesville Albemarle Convention & Visitors Bureau, Charlottesville Area Community Foundation, Klöckner Pentaplast, Charlottesville Free Clinic, Virginia National Bank, Legal Aid Justice Center of VA, Local Food Hub, Wisdom Oak Winery, Boeing, Altria, S.C. Johnson, Illinois Office of Tourism, Spiegel, Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), The Nature Conservancy, Plochman’s Mustard


Usability Crusader

I sit primarily to sketch, and stand to work on my computer. The door’s always open, but I like to keep headphones on when I’m focusing.

It wasn’t mine, but the first computer that I really used extensively was my mom’s desktop from the early 90’s. It ran DOS and Windows 3.1. I played a lot of Ski Free, Battle Chess, and Myst on that.

Geoff is a UX Designer with a talent for breaking down complex tasks or information into their core components and reassembling them based on data and research to create the best possible experience for a user.

He was previously the Lead UX Designer for Musicnotes.com, where he helped redesign the company’s Android and iOS apps to be more streamlined and modern. Before that his work spanned a wide array of projects ranging from designing presentations for police departments, print materials for activist groups, and logos and apps for startups.

Southern Development Homes, Craig Builders, Rivanna Medical, Monticello Community Surgery Center, Charlottesville Free Clinic, Northern Neck Insurance, W.E. Brown, Hot Yoga Charlottesville.


Level 60 Video Mage

I got a Hi8 Camcorder for Christmas when I was probably 8? I had these huge plans for it but didn’t realize how much work goes into editing, and I don’t even think there was an option for editing at that point. It wasn’t digital, so it was a totally different tool. You would have to try and shoot things linear and record them in order which, now that I think about it, is a great exercise. I’d love to see a film festival where people have to shoot a film on a camcorder, editing in-camera without converting to digital. I’ll have to look into that.

Tommy believes the best way to reach people is by telling honest and powerful stories. It’s his goal to make sure every frame and image he produces gives these stories life.

Tommy honed his video skills in Central Virginia’s burgeoning music and arts scene, shooting narrative and performance videos independently, and as a part of the non-profit film collective, Good Day RVA. After graduating from VCU’s program for Creative Advertising, he worked as Graphic Designer and Media Specialist for local Richmond start-up CarLotz, while also helping to refine internal processes on the sales floor to accommodate the company’s rapid growth. He branded and designed materials for The Bike Shop by CarLotz, as well as Orange Grove Fleet Solutions during his tenure there. A versatile and energetic creative, he uses his musicality and cinematic influences to imbue a sense of color, style, and rhythm to each project he works on.

Nest Realty, NWG IT Solutions, Southern Development Homes, RIVANNA Medical

PAST: The Byrd Theatre Foundation, Faces of H.O.P.E., Sportable through CreateAthon@VCU, Event & Wedding Videography, Live Music Video Productions at IX Park, Foamhenge and Swannanoa Mansion.


SEO Shogun

My favorite without a doubt would be Cville Ortho. It’s always great to see the client put in as much sweat equity as the agency for an SEO win! Their organic website visibility has increased by leaps and bounds!

Commonwealth Sky Bar – for a glass of Yamazaki (Japanese scotch)!

Chris orchestrates SEO/SEM for nectar.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so that it performs well in organic search. Ranking highly for search terms which are known as “keywords,” increases the visibility of a website and leads to a higher number of visitors to the actual website. Having good SEO will allow the CACVB to connect with those searching for visitor information and help turn them into happy visitors in Charlottesville. Only nine percent of businesses using inbound marketing with SEO failed to see an ROI. If it works for 91 percent of businesses, it is very likely to work for your business, too. And SEO will make sure your social media endeavors and blog posts get found and drive traffic. SEO is inarguably one of the best ways to connect with targeted visitors in our city.

Rede Wealth, Belvedere Homes, Stuart Levine & Associates, 2RW, Charlottesville Orthopaedic Center, Grier Murphy, Marjorie Adam Team, Monticello Community Surgery Center, Rivanna Medical, Stony Point Design Build

PAST: Charlottesville Photography Initiative, LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, Piedmont Virginia Community College College, Search MOJO, ACAC Fitness & Wellness, C’ville Pride, IDS Services Group, African American Teaching Fellows, Peace Frogs Travel


Media Maven

Ashely enjoys the many aspects of communications, from public relations and media buying to account and project management.

As a media buyer, she has established collaborative relationships with clients and vendors in Charlottesville and Central Virginia, including Bold Rock, Natural Retreats, and Lumi Juice. What makes Ashely an especially valuable resource for clients and marketing teams alike, is that she makes media decisions based on research. This approach, informed and intentional, ensures not only that a client’s message hits the target audience, but also that a company’s budget is invested in media that delivers results.

Stony Point Design|Build, The Towns at Stonefield, Growers, Southern Development Homes

PAST:  Natural Retreats, Lumi Juice, Great Outdoor Provisions, Bold Rock, The Infamous Stringdusters


Social Relationships Ninja

The past seven years have empowered Natasha to run a tight social media ship for her clients. With a degree in art and design and vast advertising experience, she’s a nimble combination of creative content and strategic marketing. With a passion for anthropology and art history and an obsession with news and pop-culture, social media is the intersection of marketing and humanities and where Natasha thrives.

Bank of the James, Charlottesville Orthopedic Center, Southern Development Homes

PAST: Baer Paint, Belize Tourism, Bissell Vacuums, CardBoard Safari, Diamond Candles, Generation 180, Lumi Juice, Minnesota State Lottery, Royal Canin Pet Food