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We are nectar.

A full-service advertising firm in Charlottesville, VA specializing in:
Digital Marketing, Branding, Web Design, Video, and Strategy

Create the optimum brand experience with nectar integrated creative co., your full-service, creative partner in Charlottesville, Virginia. An agile marketing and advertising arm responsible for inspiring a wide range of work from concept and video, to digital and social mediums—integrated, and unified by your singular positioning and distributed strategically across multiple channels. For our benefit, we establish and nurture a client + agency relationship. And just like any relationship it takes work from both parties. And the right chemistry. We know this. Respect it. And work by your side to build it. By involving you with every step, you’re part of the creative process, performing an active role in strategy, the campaign, and design. A level of teamwork that means you take ownership of your brand and can generate tremendous strength and reach with your own voice. Creating a force and momentum that only collaboration can inspire – here in central Virginia.

This is a joint effort

Without you we have nothing to say. Our respective attributes must fit together like city-street parallel parking; a fearless partnership. We rely on you for the inspiration—as well as for the information. We want you to be part of our integrated creative advertising process­; this gives you ownership of your brand and your results.

We don’t move without strategy and research—

Who are you talking to and how do we reach them, move them, engage them, get them, keep them for real—forever. It’s got to be strategic. A story-driven approach to creating pure content that’s 100-percent relevant and tempting—content so true, so sweet, that your audience likes, shares, and distributes it for you and faster than you.

Proof is in the nectar. Learn about our creative process by reading a few of our case studies.

Integrated creative across all platforms

Don’t just tell your brand story. Allow people to experience it. And we have an arsenal at your disposal to help you do this. nectar is an integrated creative company to the full extent of the word. Integrated by the services we offer in-house. And integrated by how we work with our client partners. You need a range of solutions – web design, branding, strategy, digital marketing, and video that will engage customers through both branding and printed pieces with future-tech video, web, and social media.